1. Giddyup!

From the recording Not For Nothing

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I’m here now where do I stand?
Gotta get my story straight
If everything goes as planned
This should be a piece of cake
Call me crazy you know what I’m saying
You don’t have to agree
Cos pretty baby it’s definitely maybe
Whatever will be

Giddyup!! For all the times I had to wipe a clean slate
Once desire falls apart at the seam
Giddyup!! Good things don’t always come to those who wait
Just because it’s what you truly believe
Giddyup!! If the supply doesn’t meet the demand
Then go out and get more than you will need
Giddyup!! If you are tired of playing a losing hand
Then it’s time to make a move and change your scene

No matter who you are
In the mirror you’re a star
So what you got you should bring
Get up on that stage and sing