1. Better Off Now

From the recording Not For Nothing

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How do ya want the bad news
Over easy or well done
You’ve been comin around the mountain
And now u wanna move on
Holdin me responsible for a void u cannot fill
Sabotaging relationships must be givin u a thrill
Cover up all erratic behavior
I wouldn’t call it love if I have to save you
It’s tough enough, don’t do me any favors
Cos everyday that passes by I wonder what I had in mind

I want u to know that I tried
To put out all the raging fires inside
No way can I accept these terms for life
So I say to myself

Better off now rather than later
Throw in the towel when the work becomes labor
Better off now rather than later
Cos I’ve found, I’ve got plenty of love to give to someone else

I won’t audition for the role of the victim
There are better parts to play
Plenty of signs I ignored at the time
By looking the other way
Everyone eventually gets to walk in the same shoes
When it’s your turn you’ll realize the pain you put
The pain you put me through