From the recording Not For Nothing

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Ask me any question you want to
Make me an offer I can’t refuse
Just dig deep and you’ll discover all kinds of clues
And then you’ll see what I’ve been trying to tell you
If it’s love that you’re seeking you’ll find it
Will you appreciate what it takes to keep it alive

I’m thinking bout the heartache that we all must tend to
It always ends the same way, it ain’t over til it’s through
Like riding on the highway as you pass I waive to you
Because what you see ain’t always what you’re gonna get

It ain’t over til it’s through

So just be careful what you ask for
Because you can make it real
At any given moment you can choose how you wanna feel
But don’t go asking any loaded questions that you have all the answers to
Because no one wants to help you fool yourself any more than I do