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In event of an emergency get outta the way
If you’re not sure then there’s the door
You know you don’t have to stay around
You start with nothing til you mold yourself in some kind of shape
So lend a hand and take a chance and you’ll be well on your way

Cos it’s tough to let the chips fall where they may
Cos the love you give may go against the grain
Ante up cos there might be hell to pay
Not enough to drive you crazy but well on your way
Well on your way
You know you’re well on your way

So you think that guy’s intimidating but he’s okay
The competition for position
It’s survival in the fittest of ways
Cos I believe there’s something you’re not telling me for sure
So don’t ya go delaying when you’re well on your way

Goodbye, cos you’re well on your way (repeat 3 times)