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So you dropped the ball don't go make a big deal
Pick it up and try again
So you've lost them all but I know for certain you're overdue for a win
Have some faith and trust that you're on the right track but you've got to give it time
I'll be right beside if you need a shoulder
I will hold you when you cry

My imaginary friend
You make me believe I can always achieve in the end
My imaginary friend
No one can see that you've been there for me and I thank you for the help

Now get out and show that you're less than perfect
That's what makes you so unique
It can only hurt to turn fiction into fact
Tell yourself what you wanna believe

I'm not the one that will break you
I'm not the one who can save you
I'm not the one who made you feed into the thoughts that betrayed your way
But I know it's time to break this spell
I know it's time to live