1. In This World

From the recording Not For Nothing

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How do you know I will never amount to nothing?
What makes you think in a tight spot I can’t be trusted?
Hold it right there if you’re gonna be quick to rush judgment
Don’t sum it all up before all these questions can be answered my friend
Cos now I live each day every breath like my last
I try not to follow the thoughts of tomorrow while I’m living in the past
It’s not about me, surely I can see it can never be what I want, when I want
I’m always just working on trying to be in the moment to manifest what’s to come

I’m in this world but not of it (x2)
I’m in this world but not without a lot (to give)
I’ve got a lot of love to give

Hopelessly passing the time by assessing the hours
Helplessly giving away all our sources of power
Aimlessly following sheep, the company we choose to keep
Not looking before we leap into the deep end
Cos once upon a time I never used to mind
If I ever got to where it was I was going
But when it’s all over and I’m looking over my shoulder
I won’t forget where I’m from