From the recording And That's That!

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Alarm is ringing must be time to wake
Roll the credits to my dreaming state
Hit the showers hurry don’t be late
Go through the motions to collect your pay
There is no need to be nervous
There’s a greater sense of purpose
Hang around long enough you’ll see
It comes down to you and me to make certain
We keep chasing our dreams

Cos there’s a lot worth living for don’t forsake it
There’s a lot that’s been taken for granted lately
Is the sound of your footsteps driving you crazy
From the beat of monotony

Ask for what it is you want to know
Maybe subconsciously you’ve found
All the pretty maids are not in rows
Plenty of pavement left for you to pound
So keep on taking your enhancers
There’s expectations to exceed
But don’t come crying if it’s cancer
When you’ve known all along
That you’ve had the disease

I’m searchin to find myself
Gotta a long, long way to go
I’m willing to turn things inside out
To break from the same routine
I’m sittin upon a shelf
Just waiting for something to rescue me
I’m getting ahead of myself
When time takes care of it naturally