1. Handrail

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Baby brother grows into a child
A desperate mother forgotten how to smile
All in the name of a dollar
Separated by the collar starched and bright
Holdin on to reasons unknown
Holdin on toe feelings unknown why
The scenic route ain’t worth the drive
Am I believing the palm she is reading
Tiny grains of sand on a beach of time

Holdin on the handrail for security
It never helped you it only lead you down
Through passages of self worth, doubt and disbelief
Afraid you might fail holdin the handrail down

I can go on all day long about nothing much
That’s relevant of substance nor degree
But baby brother’s getting older
He’s gonna need an explanation
Sharpen the tools that have been given to me (x3)
Are you working your way through your idiocy
Reaching for jewels that are way out of reach
Is that what you are feelin, same as me

Let go of your defenses it’s love your neglecting
Too shallow yet still deep too far away to see
I’ve been holdin on, holdin on the hard way
And there’s a smart way to release

Holdin the handrail
Never in too deep
Holdin the handrail
For god’s sake can’t you see
Holdin the handrail
Let it go
Cos you ain’t free