From the recording And That's That!

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If you think there’s something better then
By all means go out and get it friend
Cos you know this ain’t forever man
Who in their right mind would want it to be
Cos the same thing can’t be said about
Comin all this way to turn around
To just go back without accomplishing anything

In the middle of something kind of strange
In the middle the best laid plans go to waste

If you think you’ll ever get ahead
Waitin for a break so you can bend
Over backwards and around again
Vicious circle that will never end
I get up for the fight cos at least everyday
There’s a chance at life
I keep smiling and believing
I’ve got reasons my own

In the middle of something kind of strange
I’m on a mission that is never accomplished
The best laid plans just go to waste
In the middle of something kind of strange
I’ve got the feeling the hold ain’t worth the wait

I was up, I was down
I was weak, I was strong in a day
I touch gloves at the sound of the bell
Between rounds I Just pray
I can only hope that one day I can say
I made it through

Worth the wait
And I know how it goes
But I wish I caould say it ain’t so
I will wait
It’s just a matter of time
All I wanna do is just to make it to the top
Celebrate the moment and continue just to rock
If I die before I wake my legacy won’t stop
Best laid plans can go to waste on everybody’s clock