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Look into the mirror the focus getting clearer
Becoming more aware everyday
Recognizing things in life I haven’t seen yet
Always working on my game
Behind every dream you have got to believe
That in a minute it can all go your way
The lessons you’ve learned once again can return
To double check decisions that you have made

Alright, I tighten the grip and then I
Loosen the hold just to find
What’s done in the past is behind
Get on with your life

Cos it ain’t cool to just keep draggin around
All the weight of the world upon your back
Just leave your excess baggage here on the ground
Lighten the load for the journey ahead now

Explain to me the reason you’re closing for the season
Aren’t you just running away?
Address all of the issues before you let them get to
Heightened levels that are unsafe
Cos I can’t wait to see that smile return to your face
Cos ever since it vanished I wondered what had happened
I hope it wasn’t something I said

Lighten the load and forget
What you thought that you lost
Cos it can’t be found