From the recording And That's That!

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Don’t need a reason to turn and walk away
Don’t need permission if I decide I wanna stay
Right where I am where I’m standing
That’s where I’ll be if you need to reach me
I’m not into playing all the games
You strike me as someone who likes to cut the chase
And I kind of knew when I opened up to you
You would accept me with your open arms
Just as I am, darling

Ooh, it’s as real as it’s gonna be
If it doesn’t stand up by itself then let it just fall, baby
Ooh, it’s as real as it’s gonna be
What’s the use of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole

And there can never be any kind of guarantees
And you may never see all the things you wanna see
Keep on smiling baby you’ll find
It’s as real as it’s gonna be