1. Vital Signs

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Out of nowhere comes a frown
What’s with you
Give it time to fly
So eager to shoot it down
Without having a reason why
Somebody gotta scream to get your attention
The many favors done for free to mention
Tomorrow comes but yesterday still happens to be your past

Watch the making of a star
You knew would fall out of the sky
Too big of a bite to chew
But now we know at least we know you tried
No sparks are flying as your heels strut across the pavement
The cast of characters among the faded
Congratulations on your review

Somebody showing you the signs
You better believe there’s something
So vital it’s gonna surely blow your mind

You got tremendous potential on your side
You’ve got the credentials to provide

I don’t wanna say goodbye
I’m not much for changing tides
I don’t wanna say goodbye
I don’t wanna make you cry
I’ve been missing the old times together
Don’t you want to live again

Showing me vital signs
Giving me vital signs
Vital signs