From the recording And That's That!

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It’s an illusion
It’s all what you put inside your brain
All this confusion
Pick a card and try and guess my game
What appears on the surface
Doesn’t need proof of purchase
Of course it would be easier to tell me how you really feel
By the way you don’t look good on paper
I’ve got to ask you a favor
Stop all this dodging n weaving
Find yourself

Turn your sail around and catch the wind
Before it blows on by
Come on out of your shell but go within
Your deepest thoughts are mine
Never mind the voice of reasoning
It doesn’t go far
Unlock the chains that kept you in
Few words hold meaning

What’ll it take to believe it
The sun, the moon, the stars are all aligned
Come witness achievement
Ideas and thoughts in motion all the time
Never reaching the ceiling
There’s always room for growing over
Time and time and time again you’ve been there and done all that